Happy to meet you
JJ is a bay pinto with a white heart on his cute little bum. He was the first mini for our therapy effort, brought home at 5 months old in the back of my Ford Explorer. (He still sometimes get to ride back there!)  The ranch manager where we bought him said he was just a super calm, unflappable horse and he has proved that many times over.  JJ is known to frisk pockets and tote bags for treats and hates to get wet in the rain.
Paddy (Patrick)
Born on St. Patrick's Day, Patrick or Paddy as we call him was a tiny foal and to this day has the daintiest hooves and tiny teeth.  He loves to start trouble with the other minis but is very calm when out on visits.  Paddy is a chestnut pinto with white angel wings on his shoulders.

Tucker is our youngest and smallest of the group but has the best mane! We brought Tucker and his Mama home when he was 2 months old.  He will follow us anywhere and always seems to have a smile plus the personality of Eeyore.  He is a black pinto.​​
Mama and Sunny (the girls)
The girls in the herd are still in training.  Mama (aka Senorita Tornedo) is Tucker's mama and she adores children and is very mellow (must be where Tucker got it from) . She is a black pinto as well with beautiful lacing on her back.  Sunny (not shown-she's a little camera shy right now) came to us from Ohio in July and though she has had some training elsewhere and is a former show horse, she still has some things to learn before she can be tested. She's a palomino paint.
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And a special introduction of our ranchhands.  Spaz, Lucy, Sadie and Ladybug.  We can't complain, they work pretty cheap and their demands are reasonable.