What we provide.....
Our purpose is to spread the love and joy one can only gain through the interaction with such a gentle magnificant creature.  Our minis are chosen and trained for their exceptional temperament and we spend countless hours training each one for every possible scenario . 
Some of the amazing encouters we have had:
- Childrens' story time
- Memory care facilities
- Adult day care
- Senior and nursing care facilities
- School festivals
- PTSD support groups
- Veteran care 
- College campuses for 'stress relief therapy'
- Special Olympics (OC)
- Hospice visits
- Safe houses
- The Walk to End Alzheimer's
-Foster kids camps
If you are interested in having us visit your facility, school or event please contact us through our contact page.  We are registered and insured through Pet Partners.  We  look forward to seeing your smile. 
There was once a patient in a care facility who never responded to anyone.  She just would lie there in bed and stare.  The day JJ walked into her room was the first time in a long time that there was a sparkle in her eye.  He gently nuzzled her hand and stood perfectly still.  JJ has the patience and his ability to know who needs his love has shocked his handlers on several occasions.  He seems to know who is fragile and acts accordingly!

We are a nonprofit and operate on the generosity of others.  We are greatful for any donations to help us continue to spread the joy.  To donate, just click on the PayPal Donate button below.